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de-vel-op-ment -noun

1.  The process of changing and becoming larger, stronger or more impressive, successful, or advanced, or of causing somebody or something to change in this way

2.  Also, the practice of fundraising

If You Want:

Growth or  Renovation
We do Capital Campaigns

Clarity or Direction
We do Assessment Studies

Stronger Boards
We do planning retreats

Training & Motivation
We do seminars & keynotes

To Raise More Money
We do fundraising plans

When you're ready to advance your organization, conference  or team, make AJCasey Companies your development partner.


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What We Do

We specialize in the process of helping people and organizations become stronger, larger, more successful and well-supported.    We have more than 20 years experience helping nonprofit leaders and organizations. Let us be your fundraising consultant, trainer, coach and strategist to help you plan for greater success and achieve phenomenal results.

Make Ya Wanna STOMP! A New Look & New Release

The Make Ya Wanna STOMP! (MYWS) brand has just received a fresh new look. The colorful new logo is sleeker than it's grunge-inspired predecessor to convey the excitement and simple sophistication that are hallmarks of the MYWS experience.  

The makeover comes just in time for the release of AJCasey's debut CD set, Make Ya Wanna STOMP! The Revolution.  This unique personal development training tool offers five principals that will empower you to reclaim your power and seize control of your life.  Guided through the five STOMP principles, you will learn to

  • Survey Your Situation by recognizing the influences that may be keeping you mired in mediocrity
  • Trust Yourself & Takes Some Risks by learning to listen to and heed your own inner knowing
  • Open Up & Overcome What Holds You Back, by recognizing limiting beliefs and learning to eliminate them
  • Master the Mindset of Success, by taking charge of your seven powerful faculties of mind
  • Proceed in Your Power, by understanding how to reclaim your power and seize control of your life.

Like any revolution, the MYWS Revolution begins with a manifesto.  AJ's moving "Manifesto for People of Power" urges us to stop settling for being people of “potential” and recognize that we are potent people, living into our greatness on purpose and right now.  

From start to finish, this revolutionary self-improvement system incorporates story-telling, practical exercises, strategies and insights that help anchor the learning in the most memorable ways. Casey teamed up with composer, producer, director and musician extraordinaire, Milton Ruffin, to produce this debut CD.  In addition to technical production, Ruffin provided original music and sound, which are featured throughout the 4-disc set. The beautiful keepsake packaging also comes with your personal Revolutionary's Hanbook/Journal as well as a free downloadable workbook. 


Learn more about AJCasey's Make Ya Wanna STOMP! program series.





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The Revolution

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Five Principles to Help You Reclaim Your Power and Seize Control of Your Life

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